Yes I used the word all. Because I know it is true. Mid-twenty is an age of silent rebel. There are no parents, no teachers not even elder siblings to rebel against but only the daily churns of life.
Not even silent retorts of friends over nothing to fight with. Mid-twenty as I stated earlier is a lonely phase. It is one which has invisible pressures of different kinds and mind is filled with resistance from all quarters.
What are these changes?
  • Where we all started same many of us have gone down different paths and while some did well in careers some in personal life. The equality felt as a group has evaporated
  • With every iota of responsibility a degree of freedom get substituted.
  • No matter how much we dream some of the dreams have gotten over with time and age
  • Sitting idle is no longer an option
  • Every step has a choice and every choice a price
It is not easy being a mid-twenty I agree. And this not being easy is the big change we all wish to resist. Now every step needs to be weighed against a future which is to come. Will I still earn as much if I quit job? Will marrying this guy get me to be happy? Are my parents only trying to pacify me or they really do believe I did fine? Does my tomorrow still hold good in the light of present decisions?
And who would not want to run away from the 360 degree of change?
But then stop and think. Is the change only bad? Are there no freebies you get at the quarter of the century?
You are more or less not at the mercy of someone else’s decision
Where responsibility has increased but the seed of independence has gotten deeper
Financial independence has its own benefits
Some of the things get a lot more clearer with age, like career options
Lets face it parents have become a whole lot sweeter 😀
Tips to handle change!
Remember this too shall pass.
You are not alone in this, a whole lot of these are with you!
At least there are no written exams to give this side of twenty 😀
Embrace this era like never before. Remember with every passing moment comes a new ray of hope in this life. Look at this woman typing the post, she has been standing on her two feet all day but happily catching up on her A-Z posts. Another side effect of being a mid-twenty, setting up your house while moving cities 😀
Have you resisted change at the turn of being a mid-twenty? Which one was hardest for you?
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