Does the job own you?

Some of you may quickly turn around and say but we don’t have a job.

The idea is not job. Idea is that does responsibility or commitment to things own you?

I understand that being a twenty gets to be another era because of the word ‘growing up’ or ‘responsibility’ attached to it. And we spend major part of the twenty enjoying it. Past the middle ground of this decade though this begins to act like a baggage.

And when I say baggage I mean a lot of things, such as:

When jobs begin to act has harbingers of constant preoccupation
When jobs stop making us happy or proud but tensed and distressed
When jobs start to look as everyday things we have to to no matter what
when jobs stop giving us a break

Read the last line, when jobs stop giving us a break. I believe if we don’t wish to do anything, no one can compel us into doing so. And hence when we say that jobs or responsibility tie us down we actually only employ the expression to create a fallacy.

What can we do to prevent this?

Create an ‘I’ and remember to center ideas around it
Never let your identity be determined by things other expect of you, but things you wish to do
Sense of accomplishment should be self-sustaining, not requiring validation at every juncture
The idea of being responsible is owning something not being owned by it.

In your everyday place, is there a responsibility or a task which you feel has become the center of your life? Share with us how you deal with such things.

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