It was a few nights before my twenty sixth birthday that something strange began to happen. I am usually a late sleeper and most of the times when I strike the bed my husband is past asleep. On one such night I was lying in my bed unable to catch a wink when suddenly all bad memories of past few years began to flash by. And when I say flash I don’t exactly mean a super speed go but a rather painfully slow rewind.

Needless to say I got very disturbed and yes may have shed a few tears alone at night.

This is not me, I decided and hence next morning I got up and got talking. I started to babble to my husband all that I had experienced. And very slowly with every passing word it got better. It felt like it needed a closure in terms of being let out of me.

In this run up of life, don’t forget to forgive yourself.

Yes you and I have made some very bad decisions and at times been at the mercy of someone else’s. But then that is what makes us, right. The good, the bad the ugly. All contribute to what we often call a brilliant life!

The first and foremost thing to do post twenty five is to sit down and simply spell out all that needs forgiving and more importantly forgetting.

What is it that I forgive myself for today?

For being very rude to my father while growing up. I still regret it and try to make up whenever I can
In my rush to become a grown up I never allowed myself the fun of being a child. I forgive my younger self for it and compensate by being one now!
Giving up on my magazine when I was twenty and it was thriving. It gave me enough to continue in life still.

Of course you too have to do this for me. Write down what you feel you have to let go, past mistakes or regrets , let it out. If not in here on the blog then perhaps to a near and dear one. Believe me it helps..

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