Look at us we are now into the fifth post of the theme. And the last few have helped me get better in this journey to discover a new ‘mid twenty’.

But there is something that has not quite gone out of my mind. It is this feeling I have in my heart which keeps telling me that I may have witnessed an end of an era with respect to my life.

Being twenty five and then moving towards thirty starts to show a lot of changes. And this post is going to be more about things I will miss about being a twenty all over again.

I will miss going out with friends for a random tea outside college without as much thinking
I will miss not planning my next three years of savings to buy a house
I will miss coveting a buggati veyron when now I know my finances don’t allow that dream
I will miss asking my dad for a raise on pocket money with tears and cajoling rather than now working hard day and night for the dreaded appraisal at job
I will miss making people happy and in turn winning friendships for life
I will miss having people who judged you on the basis of how big your heart is rather than your wallet
I will miss being the person I wished to be rather than what others desired of me.

Notice something nowhere have I used the words ‘I miss’. In all statements there is an ‘I will miss’. The affirmation is absent in the tone. Yes it is because I am not going to miss any of this!

Now read this.

I will not miss going out with my friends for that random tea because now I can plan an outstation reunion
I will not be happy missing out on planning a house because ultimately I am inching towards building a home
I will not miss coveting a buggati veyron because anyways I could never have driven in the by lanes of my country
I will not miss asking my dad for a raise on pocket money because I still sneak a buck or two off his wallet
I will not miss making people happy and thanks to winning friendships because my blog has given me an opportunity to continue that for life!
I will not miss having people who judged me on the basis of how big my heart is because guess what they are already there in my life and I need no more additions as of now
I will not miss being the person I wished to be because that is ultimately in my hands and not in my age.

End of an era perhaps. But remember it also signifies start of another!

What will you miss about being twenty?

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