Oh it is ‘H’ already? Really? Well then it is time to take a break. Not a break from the theme but the gyaan overdose 😀

*rant alert*

I basically started writing this theme because I was actually suffering from all those symptoms. Yes I am not at all going to be shy or uncomfortable in accepting that every single growing year was beginning to tell on me. If not the wrinkles or the white hair then surely yes the mental calm.


I felt hurried down the path of maturity. Getting married early had its perks but the downsides were somethings I couldn’t disagree with. I was running a house a job and a new life called ‘married’. Initially I went berserk. I used to often break down because I was sleep deprived, I had a gruesome routine at work and everything around me was still same. Being the first one to have gotten married I could see my friends still having fun. Going out partying, enjoying home cooked food and what not.

I was twenty six and watching running television ads of Olay. Of hair colour and yes not to forget fairness creams. You are not getting any younger, all of them screaming into my face.

Harrowed, harried, Hurried, hating.

Yes I was twenty five and suddenly dreading the thought of another year. Another reminder that you are getting old. You are no longer a happy twenty.

I might like to say these bouts of breakdowns have gotten over. I would simply lie. I am writing these posts as my mind speaks. As it evolves and perhaps today it didn’t feel like saying, ‘its okay. This too shall pass.” Perhaps it simply wanted to say, “This too shall pass. But well that will also take sometime.”

I am going to turn around and ask you, what was the most frustrating thing about being a mid-twenty. If you are yet to reach that stage, tell us what is it that you dread the most? Also I want to know what you made of the quote I wrote in the image today? Lets see how many of you got it right 🙂

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