Mid-twenties are like a bad party hangover. The sudden rush of being a teen and then entering twenty is followed by a large phase of lull. Almost everything has been done and over with. In most cases associated with some bad experiences. And the good ones come with a sure shot tag of ‘never coming back.’

Most of the mid-twenties begin to complain of depression, a strange sense of emptiness, loneliness.

It has a lot of reasons.

Friends have all moved on and taken up responsibilities like you
Paucity of time adds on to the sense of being lonely
Everything you had imagined has either gotten over or gone bad
And thirty is not the age you had thought of planning or enjoying

But then why not dust away these reasons and along with it this deep rooted sense of loneliness.

Here is what I often do.

Create lots of whatsapp groups. And add old friends. Make sure you take out at least half an hour each day to connect. Those of you who don’t like whatsapp as such, perhaps a phone call every week. Idea is to stay connected.

Remember that work and life can wait for you. If you don’t have time for yourself, what is the use of everything that you do? Every day take out half an hour again to do something you enjoy. And do it for yourself.

If everything you had imagined has either gotten over or gone bad then plan new things. Create another dream, another challenge for yourself and work towards it. Remember life is a constant work in progress.

Thirty is not what you planned on enjoying? Well had you not planned on enjoying twenty? Have you or are you enjoying it? So nothing goes as per plans. And thirty will be awesome again because it is not planned!

Have you been lonely? Have you found days of depression always increasing? Tell us what you do to dust them away?

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