Social media and twenties have a bittersweet relationship. In fact I would readily accept that a social media timeline is one of the most sensitive topics for a mid twenty something.

What social media suddenly bursts to tell you is that you could not have it all. If there is money there isn’t time, if there is both there isn’t someone to love and if there is all three then perhaps the number of likes on your profile picture not a benchmark already. 
It is a perfect case of creating a sudden divide between have and have-nots. 
One may like to question who is keeping the score but mind is completely lost in the pictures of another friend’s europe trip and running a jealous commentary of its own.
Saying that getting affected by social media theatrics is perfectly normal is akin to the phrase, “To err is to human.” So yes it is perfectly fine to get jealous watching your peers picture perfect stories.
But then like everything in life there is a flip side to it. While those pictures are being the eye of your pain yours are somebody else’s .A fat good chance the very person’s whose 105 likes on profile picture haunts you.
Social media teaches us something.
It shows you to understand that you cannot live it all. You cannot and I am going to repeat win everything. I believe there is something very strangely therapeutic about social media. It opens us to the deepest darkest, most stupid desires of heart and then after a while helps us outgrow them too.

Also being a twenty something rushing into the thirty madness can be an overwhelming experience, watching many of your peers handle the same emotion becomes a great way to deal with it.
Tips to handle social media jealousy!
1. Remember there is a person behind those pictures who often cries at night recalling past mistakes, just like you!
2. The feelings of seeing those 104 likes on a profile picture last two days, most of the times even the weekend ends along with the hoopla. After party depression is scary 😀
3. They are at the end of the day your friends, if at all be also happy for them
4. If they are seen updating statuses on a saturday night and regularly replying to the 120 comments too, you think they have a life 😀 #justsaying *p.s I am that person on a Saturday night! *
5. Soon they will have kids and get married or you may reverse the order. Think of the pain when they would incessantly update your TL with pictures of them one after another. Just kidding 😀
In life nothing and I am going to say it out loud, NOTHING should make you jealous. Because remember at the end of the day no matter how cliched it sounds, the good ol grass looks a lot more greener on the other side!
You tell us have you found social media generating a lot of anxiety for you? If yes how did you handle it and if not then HOW DID YOU HANDLE IT!!
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