Post the age of twenty five our knowledge base is full of these words and more. Most of us by the virtue of our education get boggled down or perhaps up by one or more of such words. It demands a lot of time off us and not to forget immense energy.

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends who was hell bent on knowing my views on communism. I of course was slightly amused because honestly the political ideology I hold today can easily be called most weird ever. Anyways.

Are you interested in knowing my answer?

I said, ” The only ‘ism I believe in is Richa-ism.” And I mean it. I have created a la carte of sorts and added whatever I liked off the huge pile of ‘isms around me and yes in turn processed a new kind of thinking called ‘Richa-ism.’ Please note, follow it at your own risk 😀

What I basically wish to express is that crossing the quarter of a century mark do not weigh yourself down by things or concepts literally built over centuries. Rather create your own set of things and beliefs and follow them.

Another added advice, stay out of conversations where such debates flourish. It should be another ‘been there done that’ aspect of growing into the golden age of thirty. (Notice that I have now stopped using the word dreaded and started using the words golden age of thirty!)

What is it that you have shed off? Another ism subtracted from life? Share your thoughts with us.

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