Because ‘ma’ friend, suddenly the world has changed. Yes what was kewl last decade is not cool today.

Identity crisis is one of the initial symptoms of being a mid-twenty. You are neither there nor here. Parents often treat you as a kid when they feel they should and for all other responsible times please welcome the adult to the family.

Speaking of younger ones, they find you boring and not cool (because you dared say ‘kewl’) and the idea of growing up has gotten scarred watching what it did to you. (I have heard this, so yes I can contest its validity :D)

But jokes apart, being a mid-twenty is all about being conflicted. You are at the brink of settling down (Read marriage and kids) and yet there is something bohemic about you. Often that one last road trip that is left or a guitar class which had to continue or perhaps that lost love which needs a chance. So much left and so much to do.

Identity crisis has its deepest root in twenties.

What can one do to evade it perhaps outlast it.

1. Realise that change is inevitable and so is permanency. No matter how much the times grow on you, a part of you will remain same. So while embracing change do not let the kewl get out of the heart 😀

2. If it was really about the decade you grow then many of us would be prehistoric pieces kept in museums well it is not. So live the decades as they come and remember you make decades not decades make you 😀

3. Create a space where you exist as such. Irrespective of times and age. Make growing up irrelevant.

4. Now sit back, rest and relax. Drink a cup of tea or so. Read the above three points again, what did you notice? Come on don’t be afraid, accept it. Yes you got it, they are all same.

Why did I write the same thing thrice ? To drill the point home.

Decades don’t make you, you make decades. Age doesn’t come in your way, you can come in its way thought. And lastly don’t get lost in discovering yourself, remember there is always a name to revert to.

Be you. Be cool. Be kewl. 

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