I read this in an article that in your mid-twenty you begin to crave for a desk to work. The whole idea of work gets attached to having a desk.

And suddenly I realised it is true in my case. I need a desk to write, to read often.

The idea is not to have a desk and work, the idea is that all too quickly mid-twenty becomes about symbolism. A flashy new dress for a wedding means a lovely celebration, a swanky car is status and yes those foreign trips mean you are doing all too well.

And then you ask why has your life become complicated?

I will share with you my personal experience. When I got married we didn’t have a car. And of course the need for it was highlighted very soon. Back then we were starting from scratch, all our money had been duly put back into a parental home or sibling’s education.

Despite the budget not allowing, I insisted we buy a sedan and husband in an attempt to make me happy agreed. Not that we got broke or bankrupt. Soon enough we managed our expenses and things got back on track.

Last month due to work we decided to move to Pune. Due to some government taxes, we had to sell off our car. Of course we had to buy another one. When the time came for us to decide the car, I chose the smallest possible. No not Nano, but another one.

My husband got surprised and I told him that in the past two years we have never really quite made any use of our sedan. It has been a sitting duck with its extra space. Now instead of again starting a loan, let us buy a car we can afford comfortably with no extra finance help.

I learnt it late. If I had understood that symbolism is more or less empty I could have saved a good fifty thousand rupees that went as loan interest.

Being in your mid twenties suddenly everything begins to be about what shows, internally our locus of control becomes centered around objects.

Do you believe it too? Is symbolism a part of yours or someone else’s life? How do you handle it?

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