This one will be a quick rant on being a ‘settled’ mid-twenty!

So you all know how I have been transferred this month to Pune. All the way from Lucknow, flying 1500 kms away I reach the land of youth. Ironically it makes me feel more old.

Because the world is hell bent on judging all us mid-twenties on our idea of being ‘settled’. This includes:

Social life

This more is what often gets to me most. More can be how clean and well maintained your house is or how much of gold jewelry you received in your wedding. How many times your husband surprised you with rose petals on your bed and you updated the same on all social media sites. Arghhhh.

Are you too unsettled while going down the path of being settled? I now pronounce you mid and twenty, you may crib about life.

Take it slow. Yes they will bombard you with their expectations and ‘motivations’ but the trick is to turn deaf for a while.

Remember every once in a while a moment of deep unsettling emotion will rise, remember you are not to turn a reactive nose to it. Ignore and this too shall pass

Creating your world is your prerogative, others may take a hike. Suggest them a good place too, say moon?

If it feels unsettling remember it cannot be something called settled.

Tell us what made you more unsettled yet at the onset looked like you are one step closer to being settled? Share with us your stories of these times.

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