Yes you are a mid-twenty, you have grown into what many would say a responsible adult and this is very different to be just an adult. On way you have suffered, many a times made others suffer but on the whole the journey has happened.

There is no going back.

Many times my feminist friends hail themselves to be tougher than boys, almost as good as men. But I beg to differ here. The idea is not to be same but only to appreciate what is unique to each.

Same goes for growing old too. There is no looking back and well each era comes with its own flavour. Mixing the two emotions can always lead to a more calm and well settled feeling.

Why would anyone not want to be a teen? But then will the idea of being a teen forever appeal to many? No we wish to move forward and in fact every single stage has its own share of fun.

Hence the first and foremost step to being a more happy and content mid-twenty is to accept its changes in entirety and be appreciative of them.

Few things to remember while dealing with the growing moves of life

Be thankful that you have lived so far, many do not get a chance to experience times like these
May be tomorrow will bring another set of problems enjoy today to the fullest
If it is not this then what? Does the idea of being a twenty remain appealing forever?
Life is always about moving forward, no matter how many times you hold onto moments letting go creates another new set of them
Let change overwhelm you not the other way round. Allow life to deal you a hand, it will always bring forth new possibilities.

Let us know how you feel about being a mid-twenty, something you wish to hold on to and is different from all previous times.

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