Yes I have been watching the movie for the last few hours. It instills such an emotion of rebel within you. Chaos. Society degradation and then to start over new.

But today the Vendetta we are going to speak about is the one which bugs us day in and day out. The nuances of being an over loaded mid-twenty.


It is an early way to identify the sense of revenge. Where revenge looks good in filmi dramas, vendetta is what runs through us everyday. It makes us vile and vicious to no one in particular but ourselves.

Why does simple basic elements of being on your own or happy suit us? Why everyday do we find some fault or missing link and convert it into an emotion of ‘who is up?’

Like most of the threads so far discussed, a sense of vendetta is also an offshoot of seen too much by this time. Every moment now has a takeway, who fared better who turned out to be on my side and so on and so forth. With each of these arrive elements of discontentment and seeds of revenge.

What does vendetta do to you as a person?

It makes you a very fake person because no matter how much you try you are still not going to pass of as a happy person. Often people can see through those smiles.

Your energy is channelised more into other’s lives than yours and hence the output gets worse with every passing minute

Losing friends is a huge risk from it.

Happiness begins to look like a distant dream.

Peace looks good only in Miss India speeches and not in mind.

Why don’t you today step back and let go? If there is something that has bothered you about a person or aspect of your own life remember there must be another side to both.

Tell us what changed you as a person post letting go some of the so called ‘vendetta’

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