Now we come to the funny and hilarious but very scary part about being a mid-twenty. Yes weight for it 😀

Weight issues!

Scientifically it has been proved over and over again in the last bit of century that metabolism rate of a human being decreases post twenty three. So there is no running away now. It is true. You get fatter faster.

But going crazy over it is another story altogether.

I am going to chronicle my own side. I started to put on weight exactly when I turned twenty three (what can I say my body is punctual) and in no time I gained ten kgs. Yes you got it right. I went from 38 to 48 in a span of six months.

After that there was no going back, though many feel (or want me to feel) that I look better and more healthy post this sudden gain. But I stopped feeling fitter on the whole.

There is no gyaan on this. Yes when you go past the age of twenty your body needs exercise. Not to make you look better or flash that million dollar ramp style but for over all health.

Simple tips we can all follow:

  • Stop drinking cold drinks. Canned juice is a part of this
  • Light exercise everyday can help maintain weight. Also assist in overall sense of being healthy
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Always remember one whole fruit is equivalent to one meal. So an apple for lunch keeps the doctor and a complete food plate away
  • Overeating is the cause of most fat generation. Food that is not thrown but taken in extra is also wasted
  • Regularly keep a tab of your weight and ensure to centre around a target

Writer of this post has suddenly started hearing words like hypochrite, hypocrite and has decided to close this rather sensitive issue here. You get the gist right? Weight and watch 😀

What do you think about mid-twenty being the age of gaining weight? Did it happen to you? Or is it happening to you?

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