Ahh so now this is very interesting. Anyone who is a midtwenty in todays world and says they have not had what we would happily like to call ‘ a failed relationship’ may have so far not shook their heads in affirmation on any of my posts. Because my friend you are from Mars or venus (place your gender accordingly!) not mother EARTH.

Yesterday I was browsing through my facebook TL when someone who was quite ‘interested’ in me at one point had put up a couple picture. Not married and hence deeply in love. I quickly turned around the laptop and showed the picture to my husband. And yes all I had to ask was, “Is she prettier than me?” 
He laughed, he knows such things are regular with me 😀 and of course promptly nodded his head in a negative.
Ex loves are almost as good a part of a mid-twenty as breathing air is to life.
But yes the degree to which this affects us is quite a bit. 
Let us list somethings that we often take to heart when it comes to our exes. 
Emotional baggage. Things they have wronged which you can never forgive. Trust me they make you a worse person and in turn affect your life more than the initial intention. Let go. 
You hate them. I can somehow never get over this. When people say they hate their exes I feel sorry for them. Is that how trivial their idea of love was? To brush it underneath the carpet as quickly as this?
Should I still be friends with them? I would say STRICTLY NO. At times for your own peace of mind much less theirs. Let it be, maintain a cordial relationship but please don’t put them on speed dials for love advice.
Hope. Yes last but not the least hope of rekindling relationship have seen many go down the wrong way. It has always mostly made things worse. So until you are absolutely sure (perhaps not even then) then stay clear of this course.
Have you faced a similar thing? Have loves of yore flooded your life too?
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