Yes I am back. I wonder how firm those words were but well they are as firm as the night that awaits them. Will tomorrow see the light of these one can only pray.

A flight back into Delhi and despite the heat and the sun, a fun conversation with the taxi driver with just about anything under the sun told me exactly what I had been missing from my life. 
Only today morning while sending out messages to people updating my new number, one of them reverted saying, “Pune was tough for me too. I spent only two months there”. I smiled.
I smiled because I have let my image get overshadowed by my negativity about a place. When Doulose Jose called me today he wove through many of my remarks about Pune in previous posts to incite humour. I did manage to laugh, quite a bit. But I realised, this is not who I am. I am not the one to say, let the city speak for me.
I would lie if I said I have fit in. I have not. And coming back to Delhi its sheer vibrancy in people and like has suddenly accentuated the gap I feel each day. But it has also taught me that no matter what happens I will not change, and in that spirit so will the collective conscious of lakhs of those in the city. And survive I must.
I missed social media. I missed blogging. I missed writing to simply express. Some raised concerns over my constant bickering, condemned it. Some raised eyebrows over the constant tweeting. I decided to give them all a break. Take off for their own good. So that they could concentrate on something else not on me. 
But it only added to my woes. My heart told me I was wrong, to change to suit someone else’s sensibilities was never me. Then why now? 
Well I am back. Whether as regular as the days gone by. Or as fresh as the writings of yore, only time will tell.
Until next time. Miss me as much as I miss you.
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