*drum rolls* it is Ultimate Blogging Challenge yet again. With flurries of messages and wall posts all calling out to the blogger in me, the July challenge seemed like a perfect comeback into this world. 

Imagine I am twenty eight and already discussing my comebacks, how old things really get? And all so quickly.
Over the last few daily challenges, right from April’s A-Z to multiple UBCs from last year, I have invariably written posts centered around a theme. This time round though I am going to proceed without one.
It has its pros and cons of course. And always playing safe in challenges for my own writing muse and the readers, this time it is going to be different.
But really why theme-less? Because I have gotten sick and tired of routines and schedules. Past few months has seen my diary filled with pages of moving cities notes, work related pointers, budgets and of course a water tight work-home routine.
Hence to break free from the shackles of this everyday affair, I am going to go free lance in this space.

Expect anything under the sun these thirty days twenty five days. 
Hop around and check my fellow blogger friends blogs Aditi and Kajal whose love and support has kept me going day after day: And say a surprise hello to Nabanita who like me needs a push into her writing self.
Until next time my writing muse strikes this space. Sayonara 😀
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