Control freak. 

I had almost always wanted to let my hair loose and dance in the rain without once bothering about the cold or the clothes or the men in the balconies watching me drenched. Could I do any of these? Nay.
And the answer to this was always my control freakishness. Why at all would I have taken almost forty mins and as many as five times full post deletion to finally write this down. Which may as well be the sixth one that goes through the onslaught of the dreaded backspace.
When I saw the post on write tribe elaborating upon the dreaded blogger’s block, I felt as if Vidya and Corinne had simply written my heart out. Every single bit was like gospel truth. More so since I have lost my mojo all over these last few months and forgotten what its like to simply write.
But well they wish to know what I may propose to help remove this blogger’s block? Joke’s on me since all my tips could well be dumped in the near by recycle bin on the desktop for their lack of use.
Anyways. Try I may.
Being a control freak I could tell you that my blogger’s block has a lot to do with this emotion. The senses of control or perfection or the high points of past forbid me from doing anything mediocre. And this saps not only energy or efforts but also the sense of attempt. 
Five tips to deal with this?
Test waters
Social media profiles today work wonders with people. From break ups to break downs they work just as good. If blogger’s block has bitten you and long passages scare the hell out of you, resort to the good ol’ facebook status message or in some cases the one forty characters of twitter. The sheer pace of activity on these sites act as good ego boosters and often validate the writer within us.
This one is like the golden rule of everything that gets blocked in life. Read out of tricky situations. Where newly wed daughter-in-laws have cookery books to eat their way into the husbands and MILs. Fellow blogger’s writing space just as much help us to wriggle out of clamored souls.
If its rubbish get inspired, if its crappy thank God you have competition somewhere 😀
Work out a routine
I am sorry but for almost everything gone bad I have a simple rule. Plan and plan and write it all down. I have diaries filled with schedules starting from school time. It was always fun to make a new schedule, follow it for a while and then break it. Only to start over again next month. But in that period where I woke up at five and read through eleven a lot would get sorted in time.
Keep aside an hour for blogging even if it means only to backspace all your articles

Free write

Put the timer on and write. For next fifteen minutes don’t spell check don’t see what you may have written and not written. Grammar may remain with wren and perhaps martin could dig his grave with it. Simply let the thoughts control you and not the perfection of writing. Believe me it breaks more shackles of your block than any of the above stated rules as such.

Connect with fellow bloggers
Nothing works better than a word of encouragement and unlike writing, blogging is a lot about interacting besides words. Bloggers know that what makes them work is not their internet space but their relationships beyond it. I know for one that out of all the rules one thing that always keeps buoyant is the group of friends I have found in this space…
Four is all I could furnish, until next time. Sayonara!
And while you are at this why don’t you read up a rather interesting conversation between Vidya and Corinne at write tribe on the subject.
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