It is day two already for my writing muse. Out in the balcony is a soft breezy evening and a lot on mind. Inside the room adjacent a match is on. Wimbledon final. One which involves Roger Federer. And of course the frenzy my husband goes through is substantial.

So today I decided to run. A good two kilometres I must say, which surprised me as well. Having stopped running in the last year of college this was a pleasant occurrence.

But what does writing have to do with running? And why at all even club it?

In one of his interviews, Murakami states that one thing he considers of utmost important in his writing career is his physical fitness. At the age of 31 he decided to train for marathon. Not having done any form of sports previously, this was a tough decision for him.

One that ensured his phenomenal success in the world of fiction writing.

You may now ask why.

According to him, what often failed him was not his mental stamina but rather his physical one. Sitting for long hours at the desk was more trying for his body than mind.

Having conquered the marathon hurdles many times, his writing and consequent success in the world of novels increased.

He also added that the writing room in his house has a rather heavy door one which needs a decent amount of strength to open and move inside.

Reason being two. First is that the idea of opening a heavy door and then shutting it behind him denoted the act of closing a real world he lived in. And opening doors to characters and stories. A form of mental isolation.

Second he says is that the day he cannot open that door on his own, he would stop writing. It would denote to him that his body is no longer capable of enduring the hard life of being a writer.

The heavy door can perhaps come later, for now twenty minutes of running will be duly added to routine 😀

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