I was sitting on the bench of a Govt office today when I saw a couple enter in rather hurried steps. They too like us were there to get their rent agreement registered through the local agent. While my husband and I sported bored expressions and did not even as much as glance through the said documents, I noticed that the man in front chose to read every single line and check for mistakes.

His enthusiasm in a rather dull scheme of Govt transactions, slightly amused me. He reminded me of someone I had worked for sometime after college. He owned a start-up and was constantly having an air of over excitement about himself.

And in a that moment of collecting facts and tracing back conversations dated from another time of my life, I heard the man reply to someone. ” I don’t work for someone. I own a software startup.” His words at first astounded me and then gave way to a sweet smile.

cat curiosityAs a writer I have a keen sense to eavesdrop into other’s conversations. I am what I am, thanks to the gossips of the world. And where facts fail me and details elude, I bring on my story telling hat to close the deal.

Some of you would turn around and say it is not gossip but observation that makes writer do what they do. But if simply by the power of observation plain Janeย human beings could conjure words, I am sure CV Raman would be given a Nobel Prize in Literature and not Physics. And perhaps Rabindranath Tagore would be rendered useless.

Salman Rushdie in his foreword for “Midnight’s Children” had written that his father had stopped talking to him after the publication of the award winning book. Because Rushdie had used all of family grapevine to create characters and stories in the narrative. Many claim that the character of Mumtaz (Saleem Sinai’s mother) is actually based on his own mother.

In a world where imagination takes over the roll of a companion in trying times of life, gossip is the fuel to this imagination of a writer.

Now it is your turn,ย tell me your own good use of gossip! I know research has already proven that good gossip can reduce chances of heart attacks in an individual ๐Ÿ˜€

I am connecting this with Write Tribe’s prompt my two cents’ worth. In my attempt to add value to my readers in the capacity of being a writer, this post is my two cents’ worth of guidance in that direction.

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