Today I decided to come home early. Stranded on a six day working schedule (on which I have now written over a million posts and counting) two hours of respite on the dreaded Monday looked godsend.

I clocked the time I reached home and it happily revealed that I had almost saved two hours and fifteen minutes against my regular work days.

Quickly making myself a hot cup of tea and some chips to crunch, I sat down on my bean bag to write.

The sheer joy of snatching away two hours on a work day to write gave me a strange high.

This got me thinking. Is it really that simple to be happy?

Our everyday routines may facilitate in achieving the big targets, the high headed goals of life. But it leaves us with no time and energy to snatch away those little moments of joy.

Happiness is not a quadratic equation it is only a simple solution to life.

And in this brief moment of sudden realisation I decided. I decided to write down three things that will always find space in my life that provide me happiness.



I enjoy reading as much as a fish enjoys water perhaps. It is what keeps me going in insane periods of my life. I have sailed through worst of worst with the help of Dickens, Bronte and Rowlings of the world. They have sheltered me from harsh realities of outside life. And often explained to me that like the printed words on those yellowed pages, I am too a part of an ongoing story.

Hence I promise myself at least fifty pages of reading each day come heaven or hell.


This comes a close second to reading. It is because writing does come with its own baggage of setting standards high. But having said that at the end of a perfectly executed article the happiness felt is incomparableΒ in all aspects. And writing lets out my thoughts for better clarity. Looking back at many of blogs and diaries I have been able to see the journey that has transpired.

Hence I promise myself at least five hundred words of writing everyday.


It has been sometime since my routine has gotten completely scattered and out of the basic things I practiced each day, yoga has been sacrificed. It is due to paucity of time and ill managed schedule that this has come about. But now I realise that every bit of my day is my doing or undoing and hence twenty minutes of every morning will be kept aside for yoga.

The above three things do not form part of my big career plans or goals. They are things I enjoy out of habit and routine. Today I ask you tell me any one thing that gives you immense happiness and is a part of your routine?


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