I happened to read Maggie’s recent post on getting married. It made me smile a lot. Because almost everything that she had written resonated with my feelings at the time of my own marriage.

What twenty something undergo at the brink of marriage, is a question nothing short of answers found in disaster management.

I was twenty four when my husband, then boyfriend, dropped the big ol’ ‘M’ word. I freaked out, would be an understatement to describe what I went through.

But as fate would have it, I was married in just a little over six months of this time.

Do I regret it? In plain simple words, no. Never. In fact almost everyday I wonder how by sheer accident and element of compromise I made the best decision of my life.

Why marrying early helps.DSC_4002

You grow together.

Already the idea of living with someone in close quarters who is not blood related is unnatural in my opinion 🙂 But marriage is of course not a natural progression of time, it is only a way of life. Companionship.

To aid this emotion, individuality comes a close second to togetherness. Sharing a life needs common goals and ways of thinking. Marrying early encourages couples to associate with each other’s mental and emotional evolution. And in the end they conclude themselves to be only subsets of each other.

More time to body clock

Rush to bring stability to life, takes a back seat. Since marriage itself screams a huge milestone, other roadblocks can take time. Which in turn helps one gain better perspective of other things in life. Marrying late often puts pressure on people to accelerate the consequent timelines.

Common Goals, better strike rate

They say two is better than one and three is better than four and so on. Marriage results in a legally bonded, emotionally involved and close quartered team of two. I have for one seen that me and my husband have started to perform better on our targets with the help of each other’s motivation and support. A lot of things we had always kept on our bucket list have now been happily striked.

I know that all these three reasons are a living example in my own marriage. Of course one can argue both sides and turn a lot of points against these points too.

And so I ask you today, what would you say is the ideal time to get married?

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