What ‘getting on with age’ taught me?

Well not that I am eighty but somehow this growing old fits well with my plan. I enjoy the occasional drink and a smoke and puff off my old times as wild and crazy. What I am presently experiencing or inflicting on you is senile, so don’t get confused with the crazy part.

Anyways, like I said this getting old is not such a bad idea after all. So much of it is about being you. The race is while you last. If you chose to stop, the race might as well have never existed.

Moving ahead in life and years is all about that. Choosing paths that lead to being you.

Is it love or is it dove? Clearly now it is dove.
Relationships become a part of you. And simply not you.

When I got married, I suddenly found myself reeling in thousands of hours of happiness and peace. It looked like a dark cloud had lifted off my life and there it was, the sunshine meadows of opportunities I had always ignored. In fact writing, blogging, twitter and everything that I today hold very dear to my heart were offshoots of the calmed love storm also known as marriage.

Friends stop being people you ‘hang’ out with. Quality and not quantity trumps. In my case, very quickly drama queens found their out doors and the happy, caring loving ones moved up the pedestal called ‘everyday phone friends’.

By the time you have spent close to twenty eight years squandering it away, everything you do is quickly put through the cycle of ‘time is money’ mode. And voila!

You do what you really love.

From being a music enthusiast, book worm, dancer, player, writer today my identity is more or less reduced to only words. If it is written or writing I am the one to be a part of it. You do what you really love.

Hence proved growing old is not the hag bit where people stop enjoying themselves, if anything I feel otherwise. If growing up is to teething problems then I say growing old is to brushing your teeth with vicco turmeric 😀

*bad jokes are a direct side effect of growing old*

Well it is eleven twenty five and my insomnia has been cured thanks to recent offshoots of white hair. You might want to add your bit in the comments below. If you don’t want to, remember good post and nice work might result in law cases.

Sayonara. Namaste. See you tomorrow again. Page views matter. Old age or not.

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