They could be black, white or pink. But when they say men will be men, they truly mean it. For the last eleven years I have been hearing and dealing with men issues for friends and myself alike. From being taken granted to mellowed into a possessed doll, women have experienced it all. But what they have quite not understood is how to deal with them in simple easy ways.

With men there are no difficult steps. There is a great deal of acceptance on the part of women, I agree. And that acceptance is that there are NO DIFFICULT STEPS.

If he says he loves you, he probably does. If you still feel he doesn’t mean it, well check the TV schedule, Manchester United Vs Arsenal must be on, hence the constipated expression.

Before we get any further and the previously learned well groomed concepts go more deep, please remember. A emotionally stable man is a myth. He was created to prove the supremacy of male kind. If you my lady continue to believe it the TV schedule might look to have more Manchester United matches on prime time and less of those candle light dinners to your fantasy’s like.

Repeat after me. Emotionally stable man is a myth, a programming glitch.

There is an alpha male competition on always. So women when you praise that cute guy from work remember you are towing the line. You can be smart enough and use it just in the right measure to induce attraction but anything over the top could be supposedly handling dangerously there.

Yes it is about sports, jealousy and all kinds of adrenalin rush. If you catch him staring at that hot pretty girl, believe me it was his need for this rush. If you have never caught him, don’t be happy.Β Wonder how else is he getting his intake of this rush.

There is no man more sexy than the one who has a sharp sense of humour. But this one works on both ends. There is no man not attracted to a witty female. Where most women fail is that they deploy the tears more than laughs to chain their men. The end result is exactly that, chained. A willing prisoner might be an easy keep and one that laughs more often.

In the end here’s what I have to say. Going through my four pointer guide to a better man-handled situation remember the following key


Emotionally unstable

Alpha Male Syndrome

Sports before Sex


The key to a successful relationship ladies is to keep your man on a LEASH πŸ˜€

Until next time, Sayonara. Always remember page views matter more than men. Keep sharing and reading and commenting. And any ‘good post’ or ‘nice one’ comments can evoke lawsuits. #okthanxbai

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