Behind every successful writer are hundred writers whose books don’t sell.

Behind every writer whose books don’t sell there are hundred writers whose manuscripts are lying with publishers

Behind every writer whose manuscript is lying with the publisher there are hundred writers who are searching for a publisher

Behind every writer searching for a publisher there are hundred writers who are writing a manuscript

And behind every writer writing a manuscript there are hundred people wanting to become a writer.

The above few lines have been read in a book called, ‘the art of thinking clearly’.

The concept author wised to elucidate through this example was that most of us don’t succeed in our endeavours because we make the wrong choices. We often select options or ideas which are either popular or observed closely in a friend, family or celeb.

This clouds are senses and leaves us bereft of any clear thinking whatsoever. In the maze of re-creating other people’s success formula we forget to invent our own. And hence despite not having the right skills to be the given choice, we embark on the road more taken and Β less succeeded upon.

This got me thinking (of course the book was all about art of thinking!) how can we say improve or evolve from this mode of life.

I created my own pointers.

Look at the sacrifices the said person has made to be where he or she is today. Can you do the same in your life? For example, leaving a comfortable job and pass on the big fat cheques each month? Is the strife looking worth the success finally? Define your success point.

Identify your core competencies. Perhaps writing is one side of being you. Have you ever thought what a wonderful businessman you could be? Judge yourself by no standards but your own.

If you have to go by examples in life, then I suggest explore more. Knowing about different kinds of success stories will give you ideas. And this effort I believe will not be a waste.

Behind every successful man there are a hundred failure stories. People who couldn’t make it. Find out about their stories. The funeral pyre of mistakes can help you identify your own skill matrix. Cemeteries of these success stories can often take away the motivation but add the right element of logic.

Last but never the least, do what makes you happy. And remember happiness after a while stops being fame or money.

Now it is your turn. Is leading by example your thing? Or you try to create your own story?

P.S Title of the post has been taken from the book ‘art of thinking clearly’

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