I had made a lot of plans for this weekend. And then they all got whitewashed due to some incident. Anyways.

But it got me thinking. Do I really need plans to be happy? Is life not random enough to always play spoilsport? And haven’t the last few weeks taught me that no matter how much I control, things will have a way.

So I did what I always do. Picked up a book, put on the headphones, put some good food to cooking and sat in peace.

And of course I started thinking. Twenty eight and counting. The year of thirty approaching rather quickly. And only in the last decade did the message finally strike home.Β Happiness is the end goal of life.

If happiness is the goal, what are my action plans?

1. A good book can never go wrong

2. A set of headphones with some soothing music will transport mind to another place

3. Good food, of course

4. Having a simple human being who cares is enough

5. Knowing you are doing it your way is a great motivation

6. Plenty years to come to screw up, scary but encouraging πŸ˜€

7. It really doesn’t matter what you wish for. You always get what you need

8. In words of John Mayer, ‘plan a trip to Japan alone, doesn’t matter if I even go.’

9.Trying on clothes from college (and if you are really lucky – like I was today- fitting in them!)

10. Write. No matter how crappy, write.

These were my ten ways to keep it simple and happy, you tell me yours?

By the way comments below also make me very happy, #justsaying πŸ˜€


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