No matter how cynical one can get, a girl always goes to Paris for the first time. And this girl too like all the millions, who had their hearts flown away, had her moment.The city is everything you read about. Brimming with romance and flooded with the black coats, it does look straight out of one of contemporary adaptations of Dickens novels.

Where lovers find solace in each others arms and fights often end in kisses on river banks, how can one not think about being in love here.

It was here I thought to myself. How important it really is to tell someone you love, you care. We spend weeks and months of running around, making ends meet. At times making ends not meet. But do we ever pick up a phone or walk over to the other side of bed and say,  ‘guess what I still love you.’

Notre dame, Paris

The man in the mask entertained the crowds at Notre Dame for hours with his fun theatrics

I am guilty as charged. I know how difficult it is for me to look at someone and say I do care. And tonight I wonder is it true after all, we value only those who make us run? Who pretend they don’t care? What about that simple human being in our life who just about always happens to say it to us in most inane words? Do we dismiss him as just a person who was always there?

I saw a couple at the station in Venice, hugging and crying and bidding goodbye to each other. After a good fifteen minutes of this, a train arrived and the girl left. The boy stayed till the last coach did not leave the platform and then turned around slowly to proceed outside. At around five in the evening I went to check my next day’s train schedule and I saw the boy again. Waiting at another platform. In about a few minutes a train pulled in, and out stepped the same girl. They again kissed and hugged and cried.

A seven hour parting was enough for them to express their failure to adjust without each other. It may sound like an absurd story given today’s times but does it not put things in perspective? Why do we consider an expression of love to not be something we can cherish? When did the dreaded ego enter our worlds, really?

Tonight the message we bring back from Paris is simple. Pick up the phone or move over to the other side of bed, tell that someone, “I care.”

And let this post also be an ode to those suave white haired French men with their super hot size zero high heeled women. Boy they make the Mills and Boons reader in me come alive 😀

P.S Don’t expect a lot of travel posts please. They would mostly be like this 😀

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