I was nine years old when the movie Bombay was released. Our whole extended family had gone to watch it in a theater nearby. In those days kids below the age of five were not required to get themselves tickets and additionally not be allotted seats as well. And like all law abiding Indian citizens, my parents decided to follow the rule to the tee.

Hence they had to present me as a five year old to the ticket checker.

Who on his part gave quite a stare to my visibly not comfortable uncle finding himself in the eye of the storm as he was carrying me ( at four feet ten inches I was a rather tall kid back then!). But nevertheless the man of the hour allowed us all in. Not before he shook his head in slight contempt.

In the movie, I sat in my aunt’s lap and it was her copious tears throughout the emotional scenes that left me not only half sitting and half swinging on her legs but also visibly drenched on the sleeve.

Why did I narrate this today?

Because Bombay as a form of art or expression had a deep impact on my psyche as a child. One that remained with me all my life. It spoke to me about choices (how they marry for love) and bonds that permeate all other entanglements (the two fathers in law in attempt to save each other, die).

Again, why am I narrating this tonight?

I was discussing a wide range of subjects with husband and a friend tonight. Among a lot of things and ideas that were exchanged, what kept striking me were my attempts to build certain viewpoints on emotions I had experienced eons away.

A lifetime beyond of thoughts flooded my mind.

And I was surprised how very similar my ideologies have remained.

It got me thinking even further. Are we then only as much as we were as a child?

This thought scares me a little. 

I had a grandmother who narrated the Bhagwat Gita and Vedas to me as a kid. Who forced me to walk out of the house imagining the wind could speak its mind to me.

A mother who despite being a very sensitive person, kept telling me “As long you believe what you are doing is right, go kill someone and I will back you up.” (Rather strong advice for a seven year old, I agree 😀 ).

And a father who refused to believe her daughters were going to be any less than a boy in the house and ensured it never was.

My point is are we as societies doing enough for our kids? Our we allowing them the wings they need? Are we making them discover things as they are and not as we wish them to be?

I do not have any answer tonight. Do you? Do you believe we are doing enough for our kids to form their lives their ‘own’ right way?

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