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Most of us human beings find life as we do either due to lack of this emotion or overwhelming buckets of it. Relevance.

Trace human history and you can clearly see interceding examples of great depth or low signifying the presence (or absence) of relevance as driving force. This is no different to our day to day life as well.

Why do I think on this tonight?

I was watching Julie and Julia in the afternoon. By God’s grace Tata Sky has been intelligent enough to include this wonderful channel of Romedy Now in their pack. And ever since this lovely incident has occurred, TV watching has been slightly less painful.

Anyways, coming back to topic today.10892115_ori

So if you are a blogger or an aspiring writer or perhaps anyone with heightened levels of passion for a subject then please do watch this movie.

Based on an actual story, the plot is:

The film contrasts the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her popular blog that made her a published author.

Yes it is an actual account of two unrelated people and how one influenced the other.

As a blogger there are so many moments in the movie when you laugh, cry and continuously shake your head in affirmative. And as a writer the fears of publishing and the uncanny idea that a book can be created, the glee in your eyes. Ahh it is infectious. The spirit of the movie.

And the idea is so simple. So real. So you and me.

Bored with life, nothing extraordinary bizarre happens to these women. And that is their problem. Day in and day out they cannot be the husbands they married or the jobs they own. They want to be them, someone more relevant. Someone more than what their situation demands them to be.

Are we relevant? Do we matter? To anyone per se.

Today we are not fighting for existence, we are fighting for our relevance. In this extremely open world, we have become caricatures of our social media updates or much worse our friends social media updates. Which naturally calls for melts down every now and then. Days when nothing seem to work and grass looks so green on the other side, it seems painted.

The point is that it is painted.

Rosy pictures of life are never true. Your picture of life is!


Reading this post all along I am sure a lot of you would begin to think I have it sorted. I know the ins and outs of this happily relevant game. But believe me that is far far from the truth.

There is a scene in Julie and Julia where Julie Powell is crying on the floor tossing and turning in her kitchen. All under the pitiful eyes of her husband. And why is it so? Because she couldn’t get a recipe right. And she has no clue what is happening to her blog or if anyone is even reading it. You might be surprised to know this but I have done that. I have actually cried for minutes because I thought I was failing as a blogger. And this must be a rather rude shock to those who know me in person because I am hardly the crying types under any dictionary.

These melt downs that we have is not because we failed something. It is because in our eyes we failed everything. There is no silver lining to our life’s dark cloud. There is no relevance of our existence. If there was one odd thing that kept us going do you believe this would happen? If we had found peace in some part of our life which was ours, which gave us an idea that no one else could share. You think this would happen?

Enough said already. Pick up the darn diary on the side and start making plans. Make your life your own doing. Be the masters of things you enjoy. And in no time will the sense of being return.

Be the Julia Child you have never thought you could be. Improvise, fight odds and a rather cynical ‘society’ using their challenging eyes to your advantage. To your motivation.

Have you done it already?

See what is your life telling you right not. It is telling you to know your own worth in your own eyes. To be relevant to yourself and then to the world.

And yes! Tell us your plans, leave your little notes in comments if you wish to share 🙂



Before you go.

You know what happens next? While Julie is crying on the floor?

A phone call arrives. A reporter from a newspaper wants to take her interview.

Hold on! You just never know when there is a corner in the street.

Because remember,

Existence is for others to see, relevance is for you to reveal. 

Sooo I ask again, Are you irreversibly irrelevant in your own life?

And the answer is not 🙂

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