I am not known for in depth travel plans. Husband is. And I often lie through my teeth to make him believe I have ‘researched’ enough for a trip to give it a go.

But husbands come easy and best friends? Well lets see how this post goes 🙂

Malsej Ghat was a rather impromptu plan (like ‘save your skin’ minute kinds 😛 ) and one which had no concrete sketch of activities. A drive, some friends and that was about it.

The drive took about three hours, saw a lot of traffic jams and an unusual amount of sunlight. But boy when it turned around, it made everything seem magical. The clouds, the meadows and rains everything came together to put it right.

But to start with it took us a million shots (or it seemed like!) and a thousand strategies to get this shot right!


And a few defiant steps with a lot of deaf ear (pretense) to reach this lake and get this pose done!


Not to forget the good ol hunger calling out to a good place to eat. Round the corner comes MTDC

Note: Craziness came free with lunch 😛



Continuing with the ‘plan’ we didn’t turn back and instead took a detour as ‘scheduled’. What met us were these perfect visuals!

12037999_10153643538126118_8097546402434938386_n 11204896_10153643538761118_6361029390569529895_n 12033002_10153643539121118_4295886242425843989_nOn our way back a sudden detour on the side of the road caught our attention, not to forget the large expanse of water body running parallel to it! And this time it did not take a lot of convincing on our part, ‘driver’ himself was interested 😀

We met a clean, picturesque version of lake or dam (jury is still out on that 😀 )


Well so much for the Malsej Ghat plan. Our verdict? Like most of Pune weekend getaways this one too did complete justice to the saying, “Journey matters most.”

In case you still have a question or doubt, ask these two 🙂


Until next time Sayonara 🙂



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