Today wasn’t a very happy day. I was cranky, angry, miserable and swimming in a pool of self-pity. And to add to my woes it was Sunday. One day which makes all the other days look pale in front of it.

Due to certain events and people, I managed to screw it up.

Screw it up. I have been checked on my language also today. In fact on one of my better words.


Like I have been saying, in fierce opposition we find meaning.

So what didΒ this day filled with anxiety, insecurity and negativity teach us about life?

Behind every successful person, is a well managed personal crisis.

11224720_10153598380706118_402018493365741313_nEvery now and then I dig outΒ love letters written by famous people and devour their language and emotion to my heart’s content. The romantic and the writer in me both find solace in their words. In that we notice how much longing, pain and anguish they used to suffer due to an awry relationship or longing for a lover. And history is a witness that these very people in these very times have created exceptionally successful pieces of their work.

One wonders how on earth could they put their minds to such good use when we mere mortals find it difficult to even navigate day to day activities during such hardships?

This thought in fact created a discussion of sorts on micro-blogging website twitter (so newspaper like that was πŸ˜€ ) and a lot of ideas, thoughts got generated.

Combining these and some of my own I decided to create a simple three-point plan to evolve a personal crisis into days of productivity:

Wake up fresh

There is nothing like a good start to a day. Follow a simple half an hour regime which includes set of mild exercises, a slot of soothing music and yes some healthy breakfast. In these thirty minutes allow yourself to be in a state of wakeful meditation, let thoughts of nothing reside in your heart and mind. An added thing could be to follow a motivational blog/website and pick up few threads to begin with.

Fresh morning start ensures an even fresher end.


Usually this word is used to help create a work-life balance but I believe this has a deeper meaning in our times. With so many aspects of world affecting us day in and day out, creating small boxes in your head for each help deal with them better. For example, if your child is not being well groomed that has nothing to do with how you would perform at work. So take one battle at a time.

Like I always say, choose your battles.

Spread happiness

Happiness is infectious and also a very much DIY project. Do not wait for something good to happen, pick up the raw moments that meet you and generate goodness around them. Go greet the guy next to you with a smile. Indulge in some healthy gossip, click on a website and pick up some random item. Shopping is therapeutic. In due course the thing that is bothering you will look to be very small and in turn dissipate whatever little effect it had on you.

Now we may say in a rather crude way that distraction is the solution to ongoing personal crisis. But distraction as a process directs us to unproductive things.

So to evolve ourselves better we say,

Instead of distracting yourself away from the issue, attract yourself to new happiness.



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