For the longest time I have been reading people’s views and disagreements on happiness. Or what they perceive to be such.

I was fifteen and in love. With myself, of course. And that idea got so highly rooted in my soul that every second of my life got dedicated to it. No jokes. If you do not believe you might want to ping friends, parents, siblings, ex-lovers (probably not :|) and husband. They will vouch for it on their lives perhaps.

Narcissist – it is my favourite word in the whole big wide world!

For starters who is a narcissist? It is derived from a Greek mythology character called Narcissus who fell in love with his own image.

Get it? If you don’t then your mirror is probably broken or something 😀

Now now why did I write all this? Because in my wordpress dashboard I saw that there have been quite a few hits on this post: Seven things about Richa Singh

And it got me happy. And more happy. And then thinking. And then extremely happy. And then *thunderstruck* lets create more happy- me!

Tonight I tell you ten things you never knew about me!

  • I failed in English in class five only to promise myself a serious redemption. And they say rest is history or english 😀
  • I may not say it but it matters to me if you call me a narcissist, I believe I am doing something right 😀 #JustKidding naahh serious 😛
  • My favourite secret dream (even today) to is have a national holiday named after me. Yes I know I am on the right track, #okthanxbaihaters
  • My father once threatened to burn all my books if I did not go out and play for an hour for kids each day. I hated that one hour, not to mention though
  • My greatest regret is that I hated that one hour. Personally speaking I am not a very fit person for my age.
  • I believe my greatest asset is my hair 😀 *yes you guys when I say they aren’t that good, I am only trying to be humble* 😀
  • The best thing that happened to me ever is my sister. Not to forget also the worst 😀
  • I had my first crush when I was thirteen *no further questions*
  • I lie about my weight. All the time.
  • I initially started with ‘Five things about myself’ for this post and then changed it to ten 😛 #narcissismstrikes


And yes that is me on my first birthday with best parents ever <3 !

Now I thoroughly enjoyed writing down these! Are you surprised? Tell me if you could relate to any one of these here?

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