Before we left for Venice last year, our minds were of course filled with images and grand trips of gondola rides wading through the famous canals of the city. But what surprised us was these were the least of attractions that met us there.

In case you are wondering what Venice is really about then we shall let our eyes do some talking here. Take with us through these fourteen photos a visual tour of the city!

The streets!

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Eat in Style!

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Shopping anyone?

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The Venice you know- Canals and Gondola Rides!

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11960051_10153608716941118_4039465249822652068_n 11949401_10153608714796118_834291722883797517_n







Not to forget our cosy Air BNB Apartment!




As I am sure you can see we had a ton load of fun over there. And we hope these pictures inspire you to plan your next trip to this beautiful city of canals and meandering streets 🙂




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