It is a drab Sunday night. Yes I know some of you would poke me and say that’s what happens when a Monday looms but no I think this is a drab Sunday night. What do I think really? Of Sunday?

No. No. What do I think?

I think Gautam Gulati is overrated. I mean seriously I saw him on India’s Next Top Model (yes don’t roll your eyes, I watch that show). He was there as a guest-judge. If there is a term floating as such I would like to call him male bimbo. Then just a week back there was Milind Soman in the same chair. Let’s just not go down there. Such hotness coupled with extreme intelligence and not to forget the man runs for women! I tell you. Women will run over to moon for him, but he… he runs for them!

Snap snap. Move on. Next thought.

This dinner I had tonight. After weeks of preparation. Yes weeks. Searching up and finding a recipe “Non alcoholic Sangria” and then picking up relevant juices and accidentally picking up apple instead of pomegranate and laughing it off. Anyways a picture speaks a thousand words so you know it was good πŸ™‚Β COPHs4IUAAAoYKe

Next next. What next?

There are still some sips of sangria left. Let me gulp a few more.


Blank. Absolutely blank. I can almost listen to the fan and this keyboard and the blaring music out somewhere. Or is it the TV next door. Whatever.


Was I always like this? Shutting between thoughts. Snap. Snap. Snap. Oh Snapchat! Yes I cannot get that app. ONE BIT. In my defense I tried. I just remembered sister called and said she cannot understand why I cannot understand it. It? The app of course, Snapchat.

Snap. I mean next.

I bought more plants today. Oh you don’t know? I have been creating a garden in my balcony. And it has a pond. And fishes. Yes all jing bang. Pause. Fishes are so cute. When will they have babies? I wonder.


342 is the word count. One must write till 500. That’s the deal.

Why is Gautam Gulati so ugly? And if he is ugly then who is good looking? Suraj Pancholi. I tell you that guy’s smile is worth dying for. So is mine some would say, #narcissimstrikes

What is that guy doing? That guy out on the window staring at me and me staring back. Yes of course I can type without looking at the keyboard. What do you think? I have done enough chatting on yahoo in school I am a professional blogger, don’t you know it already?


This is therapeutic. But guess who is not? Kapil Sharma. Yes I can totally hear his dim witted show somewhere out there.

You know what else I thought all day? Uno. Yes I remembered the countless days I played that game and what a riot it used to be. A riot. Why on earth do I miss that today?

Wait was it Uno or courtpiece that card game we play in pairs? What was it? Who cares. I remember the riot..

And I mistype d pairs as Paris and remembered how beautiful that city was, I mean is. Now will go search for the photos again.

547- word count.

Good night. This was good, we should do this often. What you got bored?Β This little birdie flew in morning listened to us, ate our chana dal and also watched TV.


Be a bird sport, will you?

Anyways. Good night.

Wait wait. What are you thinking?

No really tell me what are you thinking?

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