No one. I repeat no one should bear the brunt of a working Sunday. Especially those who already get to suffer through a six day working schedule. So yes! Today we went to work. Sunday. Day that the sun does down somewhere and comes out only a Monday. And colored blue.

Well this brought forth a series of melodramas at home late evening. Is anyone surprised?

And in addition a lot of complaining, tears combined with pulling of hair, throwing of things and what not.

There are unfinished chores, those odd hundred words initiated posts in drafts, a guest blog which should have gone live last Tuesday (RIP my memory) and so much in general. So what did we do? We shut down the laptop rather slammed it and walked in the room adjacent to us and cry. Our lungs out.

Did that help? No.

We then walked into another room and got ourselves involved with folding of clothes, did that help? A little.

And then we walked into a third room and picked up a book to read. That helped even more.

Then post some serious thinking and more procrastination we returned to that hurt laptop and delicately switched it on.

When people or friends ask me what is it like to blog? I can never quite put it in words. Is it the adulation from peers and readers alike? Or the sense of doing something beyond the usual that gives a kick? Or the fact that it keeps the hopes of some odd manuscript turning into a published dream down the years?

I thought. And it came onto me. No. Blogging is what is life to us.

It is unpredictable. It has its fair share of ups and downs. Then there are those moments when some fellow blogger’s words touch you so deep down you suddenly realise someone else explained you better. And then those days on end when you refresh the pageviews stats only to see there is hardly any change. The disappointment. And then suddenly a few clicks from some fellow angel and bright sunshine returns.

Blogging teaches you so much about life.

It tells you that honest relationships survive all times- bad page views, no comments and more importantly the no creativity days.

Like life you will find those who only give when you give them instead. Well take on some and see how that goes. Haven’t you been doing that else where as well?

All bad nights can be upturned by a good writing day.

Pageviews matter but then so does marks in graduation 🙂

It is 10:46 am by my watch. I have been writing for last one hour and nothing seemed to go right. In fact as I am wrapping this up the title still says : Five reasons why every one should have a blog

I guess there are five hundred and I couldn’t really point any one here.

So tell us if you blog why do you? And if you don’t…. well then why the hell don’t you!!!

Also I am co-hosting Write Tribe’s #MondayMusings this week!


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