Yes you heard me right. Is whatsapp the new age of stalking? The new planet of snooping?When a colleague shared her phone number with me, I was quick to check her whatsapp profile. In the billions of people on facebook and a million having similar names, accessing whatsapp was a faster way for me.

Her status read as: ” Thank God it happened” And in place of her profile picture was the picture of a Hindu God. Clearly she had won her lottery ticket to moon.

Next I know I started asking questions about this sudden explosive side of an otherwise quiet girl. I spent close to two and a half days only to find out in the end that her phone had finally got the internet pack activated. The joke was on me and the irony of course everywhere.

Are we all together in this? Have we all forgotten what’s it like to be surprised by somebody? Not know about their marital status and their cutest feline?

Only a few days back someone I never speak to pinged me, ‘Good profile pic’. It made me wonder is there a way to set an alarm if someone changes their profile pic on whatsapp? I mean what on earth is happening here.

So tell me, have you snooped on whatsapp profiles? Left messages and checkedย blue ticks? Or not.

Answers. Answers peeps!


Doesn’t this image fit in perfectly? Would you like you if you stalked you? ๐Ÿ˜€

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