News has always served me well. From being ready conversation starters to providing the much needed comebacks in office debates, they have always been handy for me.

But teaching me life lessons, has been a very recent addition to this list.

A couple of months back, binging on my daily dose of news digests, I came across a rather funny news-piece:

Mumbai Taxiwallas go on strike against rising Ola, Uber taxis in city

Irony surely died a million deaths in that line.

But then are we any better than a Mumbai Taxiwalla on any given average day of our lives?

In fits of rage, frustration and disappointment, we too charter a course of action that can only eventually assist our worst opposition. Not to forget force our best supporter to go looking for options that are invariably found in enemy camp.

And when that elusive promotion doesn’t find its way or a happy relationships suddenly decide to disappear, we remain in constant state of denial. Refuse to believe we could in any way have been the reason behind these results.

Three lessons that this news-piece taught me:

Sometimes our most tried and tested ideas backfire

No two situations are same

Think first. React later.


You tell me, what does this headline teach you further? How can you not be a Mumbai taxiwalla in this life!

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