Now the term rules of engagement is obviously taken from military parlanceΒ that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied.

Stress of course is on provocative.

Life is also a maze of these conflicts. Often more provoked than otherwise. And by nature we need to engage, fight, retreat and at times give up.

Tonight my mind flutters to these self-conflicts and the so called ‘rules’ we apply to fight them. To engage with them.

Term engagement is obviously a healthy term. It is not exactly fighting. And seems only logical that it should emanate so beautifully correct from military. Where conflict more number of times than others, has meaning.

Coming back to subject. Rules of engaging with self-conflicts. Yes, the troubled inner voice which has the horns pricking its halos. All the time.

How to deal with the enemy who sleeps within us?

To begin with, conflicts are often due to an overactive hindsight. Man by nature has a brain, an overactive one. And also a computer of infinite past data, mistakes, bad choices, etc. The end result is, self-doubt and self-conflicts.

It is literally the classic case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In loops.

They say world is nothing but a manifestation of butterfly effect. A flutter here and a storm there.

Treat your life the same. Imagine your one little thought inducing the same effect. Self-doubt and self-conflicts– no matter how small, how random and how insignificant in that very moment, always leave their scars.

But again, how to deal with this? How to engage? What rules?Β 


That’s my friend pushing back a car which

blocked our way out of work πŸ˜€

Tonight we suggest a very small exercise. No gyaan, no flowery words, we call for action!Β 

Identify a tiny little activity from twenty four hours of your life which you would do your way. Give it as little as fifteen minutes of your time, if it is a very busy life you have there πŸ™‚ And when we say fifteen minutes we mean no multi-tasking, in fact specially no multi tasking.

Now go and carry on with your life simply as usual. Morning. Noon and night.

But with a slight twist.

Every single time there is a sense of doubt or conflict, instantly switch on the default mode. Put your mind back to those fifteen minutes, plan the day’s fifteen minutes, ponder over yesterdays and slowly allow the brain to be normal. Back to the cupcake on side πŸ˜€

All life at times needs is a better algorithm. Better rules if I may say. And life will not do it without little help from you. See how wonderfully active these fifteen minutes impact rest of your day. Butterfly effect πŸ™‚

We need you to identify your day’s fifteen minutes right now. Don’t tell us. In fact tell no one. Tell yourself and simply follow it πŸ™‚


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