Have you played Ghar-Ghar as a kid? Come on now. Don’t roll your eyes, if you are an Indian kid (which by the looks of my website’s google analytics spread you most probably are) then you have definitely played it.

For my non-Indian readers, Ghar-Ghar is like playing doll house as a kid.

Now coming back to subject, I was almost always the official ‘script writer’ for all episodes of ghar-ghar. And invariably we were poor, whose parents had drowned in floods and we had to make do with whatever little they had left behind. Highly inspired by all forms of commercial cinema was- me!

Now this is all flashback. Coming to today’s latest, updated version of story teller i.e me- I would probably cringe if I saw a similar run like this on TV or elsewhere.

Again, again too much meandering happening on a Sunday night. Brain works on bare minimum efficiency and well we had a working Sunday. So lets just not talk to Mr. Hyde for a while.

According to Hindu mythology, time can be represented by a snake. Moving in one direction, molting.

Time. Unidirectional, molting and healing as well?

It makes me wonder tonight. How have the years added up for me? Has the closet family drama writer found better space in lesbian love stories? Has the girl who decided to act coy in marriage parties re-discovered herself in overflowing social media conversations?


What has time done to me? What skin did it make me shed? Did it heal or bring out the scars better?

Pause. A long pause.

A little bit of all.

Perhaps the price one pays of such things.

What would they be? Such things.

An even longer pause.

Time did heal the pain of my mother’s loss but then left me even more vulnerable to her mentions and memories.

The idea of poetry forever shut inside leading to discover prose as a way of expression.

Unfulfilled career choices. That impassioned me to blog.

And last but not the least. Time taught me

There is nothing as timeless, not even love.

Tonight we ask you, has time taught you something? Brought forth a scar? Pushed back an idea? Helped you heal? Helped you embark on a different course of journey?

Has time been your friend, foe or nobody?


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Also it is Rashmi’s birthday today and from side of The Philospher’s Stone here we would love to wish her a very Happy Happy Birthday!

May on this day, time brings forth an even lovelier skin and better years ahead for her 🙂 

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