New Delhi: – In a major event which took place on 17th Dec 2016, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi has informed media in a press meet that his washroom flush is not working & the files which were kept in that flush are also missing.

These files were part of the investigation conducted by some seniors Delhi IPS officials & his party worker to unveil a big scam which took place during the year 2011-2014, when Congress was in power & BJP was in opposition and AAP was under maintenance.

When our correspondent asked him about the scam he told exclusively to our news channel only “since we have come to power in Delhi my team has been working on this case, we knew about this scam for last 4 years, when we were protesting alongside Anna to bring jan lok pal bill. This scam played major role why we have started this crusade against corruption & bringing corrupt people on their knees. Files which are missing are related to the Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule of the washrooms of Delhi CM’s office. This 2000 Pages file has all the evidences. We have collected evidences that the person responsible for the Preventive Maintenance work used to only sign the register & was not actually cleaning the washrooms. There is no difference between this man & Modiji, both signs papers but don’t do any actual work. Illegal payments were made out to this person, this is a clear cut case of money laundering. This is criminal offense as per the Indian constitution”

Upon asking why he was keeping his file in the flush. He replied “I cannot trust anyone. I have doubts that the chaiwala who comes to serve the daily morning tea used to scan my files in the CMO & principle secretary’s office.”


Find below the full Q&A between CM & Primetime news channel reporter Mr. Paplu Pandey. Exclusively for our readers.

Reporter:- Why do you think that chaiwala was scanning files in CMO?

CM:- “He is a chaiwalla, what else do u expect out of him. Our PM was also a chaiwalla & he is responsible. These chaiwallas are CBI spies and taking orders directly from PMO. I have also ordered an enquiry on the chai which they serve in Delhi Secretariat. AAP SIT is working on it. I will reveal the truth, when the time is right.”

Reporter:- Don’t you think flush size is small to keep a file of 2000 pages?

CM:- “I knew that this scam will require lots of evidence and pages will just add up. Keeping this in mind, I have replaced CM’s office flush 4 months back with bigger tank & even bigger opening so that it is useful for both the jobs. The design has been done to ensure the toilet is kept CLEAN.  After all I was an engineer and a clean India enthusiast.

Reporter:- Why do u think it was someone from PMO, who took your file?

CM:- “Don’t you think I am intellectual and liberal enough to blame Modiji. I know how he is using state machinery to eliminate all his oppositions. We have a CCTV footage of a person entering CM’s washroom. He was wearing a muffler on his face to hide his identity. Mr. Kumar Viswas an AAP expert is working on this footage and will soon reveal through videos that this man was none other than Amit Shah.”

Reporter: – Don’t you think it’s too soon to blame PM, Amit shah, when they were not even in the government during that tenure in Delhi or in India?

CM:- “You tell me, from whom does BJP has threat in next Lok sabha election 2019? Its AAP. Who is currently using state machinery illegally? It’s BJP. You don’t need a Phd in rocket science to blame Modi. You need some liberal values. And I had all the proof in that file, all the corruption that was taking place under the nose of DJA (Delhi janitor association). Mr. Arun Jaitley who use to go to “sulabh sochalya” signed all the bills which were paid to that janitor (who was assigned job to clean the CM’s washroom). My question is why was such a prominent leader of BJP was using “Sulabh Sochalay” which were especially made for Aam Admai & AAP members only. You just wait, my personal plumber Sanjay Singh is looking into the washroom & flush. He will come with all the evidences required to prove. It’s all been done by Modiji.”

Reporter:- Why don’t you allow police/CBI to do the inquiry?

CM:- “Police & CBI both are BJP “tattu”. I will not allow anyone else to enter the premises. They will destroy all the evidences. My special AAP team is working on this case, whom I have trained personally to carry out such big investigations. The training involves watching multiple re-runs of “Sherlok, CSI, Castle” and final exam is on CID.”

So after one on one discussion with Delhi CM, it’s evident that BJP is definitely hiding something big or we can say something is very fishy in the flush. We will wait for an exclusive reports from AAP office with CCTV footage. Catch us today on primetime with all the big spokesperson for today’s debate on -where the Fish (file) is “IN CMO or PMO Flush”.

Reports from the CM washroom

Live feed:-

We have just seen Mr. Arvind kejriwal, Sanjay singh & Mr. Kumar Viswas talking about something. They seem tensed. After asking questions to the AAP’s official spokesperson Mr. Raghav . He said “Mr. Kejriwal is always tensed.He has such a huge burden of fighting corruption against Modi”.

We are getting live reports from inside of the Delhi secretariat. We are now meeting official “chaprasi” of CMO. Cannot reveal his name due to conflict of interest with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. This man was inside the CM office when this investigation was taking place by AAP officials

Reporter:- What did AAP official & his self-trained team Sherlock Holmes find.

Offical CMO Chaprasi:- “Official AAP plumber Sanjay Singh found that the file (which CM was looking for ) got stuck in the flush. That’s the reason flush was not working. File stuck in the bigger hole which was made for Niagara fall like flushing in the toilet. And in the CCTV footage, it was found that the man seen going inside the washroom wearing muffler was Mr. Arvind himself. “

The man revealed us all this only after we threatened him with a live debate on primetime.

So it can be safely concluded that in light of this confusion being cleared, it has been evidently proven that BJP is as clean as PMO’s toilet.


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