A few days back I got up rather late for work. And with fishes which need me to talk to them, plants that need some songs and a blog that constantly needs early morning attention, this rather unusual fifteen minutes delay in schedule threw me off completely.

I almost had a nervous breakdown which given my jam packed everyday routine should come as no surprise to anyone. Least of all me. I can almost sense it being round the corner in fact.

Moving on, I barely made to work in time and found quite a few bare essentials happily missing from bag. A bad start to a Monday but one that got me thinking.

What are the five things I just cannot do without?


Because scurvy should be an offshoot of vitamin deficiencies and not white faced eye contours.


Music keeps me sane. I need my daily morning dose of songs while walking to work and of course an in between ten mins break of Adam Levine never hurts in the day!

A book

This is slightly funny. I almost never get time to read at work but still a book in bag keeps me very calm. One wonders why but true.



Obviously. From grocery lists to blogging to-dos to personal notes to meeting doodles to anything. If I do not have my diary god help my mood that day! And it has to be my diary no replacements acceptable.


Duh. How can I even think about venturing out without this. In fact the only thing I always double check, as a rule is this. No matter what 😀

Now this was simple. Highlighting the bare essentials of the day. Difficult would have been identifying the non materialistic bare essentials of life say someone close, a near one or an idea or a passion or yourself? Ha! Thankfully I did not fall in this trap.

But you, hey you, tell us at least one non tangible thing you cannot do without… fine I will also tell you one.

My passion.

Now it is your turn 🙂


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