It has been a while that I have allowed myself to let go. Of things. Of life. Of a schedule. Of chores. Of lists in diaries. And more importantly myself.

Which is why in many years this post is coming in live to you from the safe haven of a bed. Yes for those of you who know me do not pinch yourself, I have taken a break from the regular chair-desk and propped a pillow at the back and decided to write away to glory.

What do you know? Life comes with its set of surprises, so do I 🙂

No, do not expect any fancy words from me tonight, there is no pre-written post, no scribbled notes, not even an iota of an idea in my head to begin with. Tonight, it is just you, me and this very slow moving fan on head.

I have a mortal fear of fans. Did you know that? Even the slightest departure from its normal movement can get me freaking out. Another day another story, that.

Where was I? Bed of course. The fan. The laptop.

Free write. Did it take you that many words to figure it out?

193. What? Word count.

Again moving on. How much I love writing these three words. Again. Moving on.

It kick starts me into things. Breaks me out of ruts. Out of situations, emotions, people and more importantly me.

230. Remember 500 it is. Till we bear each other in this life full of miseries. I am kidding, you and I go far. Come back this Thursday for another new post and then next Monday for another Monday musings. Again.


You and I 🙂

Moving on.


It has been a very calm before the storm kind of weekend. So much thinking happened. And in a way so much work as well. Slow moving minutes of the hand today quietly whispered their dreams. Their nightmares. Their hopes. Their fears.

But somewhere around midnight, we found peace. Ask us how?

We opened the laptop to a new post. Decided to speak. To tell you, it is not over. But we will survive. Our dreams. Our nightmares. Our hopes. Our fears.


Stories make people, people make stories. Every day I come across a blog which touches my heart, which moves me to be a better writer. Beauty of blogging is that these guys are real. No book launch, signing events divas. Real people, like you and me.

I love it. What? Life. And blogging. Is there any difference between the two?

So much happens each day. I sleep at night and wonder. For those who are not blogging, not engaging in ideas how did it go? This life thing.


This too shall pass.

Who am I kidding? There is so much happening. I know blogs and hence deem it to be important. Look at big boss participants, I mean no don’t look at them. No. Never.


We are near. Or are we? I feel like writing more. It is still four minutes to midnight. Monday is far away.


Ouch just like that 500!

Wait, don’t rush. Where do you have to be? What did you do over the weekend? No not the mall shopping, pub hopping. What did you do? What did you think?

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