It only takes a spark to get the fire going.
And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.
That’s how it is with God’s love,
Once you have experienced it
You want to sing
You feel like spring

You want to pass it on…

A few of us gathered together for Secret Santa tidings, divided by names and united through a common Christmas spirit of sharing. And it is in this spirit that we bring this blog chain to you.

I am thankful to Sushmita Malakar for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit.

It is here through words that I unwrap Christmas on my blog for you.


A lot happened this year. Good and bad. Best and worse. And I can safely say I am not the same person I was at the beginning of it all. Christmas is always a pit stop for me. In terms of looking back. Cause new years is so much about meeting and greeting.

Christmas is about me. I hold it close to my heart in ways perhaps I can never explain.

Could I say it is because my mother always threw a Christmas party in our house and dressed as Santa herself? Or that my father helped me make infinite number of decorations to be pasted with Fevicol on the walls, only to be removed through a new cycle of whitewashing and paint! Or because we had a joint Christmas service with the ‘boys’ school and it gave us months worth of gossips for lunch breaks?

Or simply because through all this, it made sense. Simple ideas, even more meaningful ways of telling us to be good. Happy and peaceful.


Image is a fabulous creation of Corinne isn’t she lovely?

So as I take my yearly pit stop, what did I learn through the last 365 days of 2015?

Loving yourself is not always narcissism. It is more often than never a way to count your blessings

To many out there I wish to narrate a personal story. Losing my mother was obviously the hardest thing a thirteen year old me could undergo. But what was worse was losing my pillar of support. I felt I was out there aimlessly moving across seas. Not doing enough or perhaps doing something exact opposite that was needed.

I lost out on my self-confidence. My smile. My laughter. And more importantly I completely lost faith in my ability to achieve.

Not betting on ourselves should be a sin unto law.

But I had a guardian angel somewhere. A mentor. Who was quick to notice my quiet smiles and nods and non-committal outlook over everything. The delusions of grandeur had been replaced by self sustained bouts of doubts.

And he suggested something. Without any explanation or even the slightest hint of background that he had obviously perceived.

“Write on a piece of paper- I am the best. And stick this on the mirror”

I found this rather amusing. But the seriousness (and of course the respect he commanded in my eyes) with which he spoke, I followed through.

It took me a year but I changed. The process kicked in. Of course another four years of college and slightly beyond I found a lot of myself back. Still not the defiant, I-can-murder-someone-and-mommy-will-take-care. But yes there, almost.

I learned a huge lesson through that, one I re-stressed this year through many events.

That’s how it is with self-love

Once you’ve experienced it

You want to sing

You feel like spring

You want to pass it on

 Tell me tonight, what do you reflect upon this Christmas? Do you love me yourself? 

I now invite very own Apoorva Kapoor to spread the message of Christmas and new years on their blog.

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