The basic tenet of blogging is that it is no different than life itself. And as they say in life we are nothing but a complex maze of choices we make so is the case with blogging.

Right from picking a platform (blogspot or wordpress) to color theme to genre to our friends and ideologies, blogging at the end of the day is a matrix of choices. And therefore no two bloggers will come out to be quite the same finally.

Where CopyBlogger says ‘3 reasons why Great writers always work alone‘, Jeff Goins tells us very passionately that ‘Every writer needs a tribe’.

These choices may look to be simple at the onset but they begin to speak who we are in many ways. We find switching sides, styles and what not only to ensure these choices align themselves to our thoughts in the end.

After close to seven years now (whoosh!) it has now taken me a lot of courage to begin speaking openly about my beliefs in blogging. Earlier due to paucity of time or space or maybe motivation I couldn’t quite elaborate on them much earlier. But yes given now I consider myself well past the seven year itch, my ideas flow more freely.

Getting back to Jeff and Copyblogger, the choice to go solo or as part of tribe comes about very early in a blogger. Many may not agree with what I am saying here. But just simply being a part of group is not enough to say we are tribe. It is the spirit, the intent that speaks more.

So most of my friends here would quickly raise their hands and say- Hey we blog in groups. But really ask yourselves, do you now? Honestly follow the community rule?

Jury will always remain out on that πŸ™‚


That’s my tribe πŸ˜€

Coming back to subject. Even without Jeff and Copyblogger I was very clear on my idea of blogging. Because I write a lot in silos already and most of my writing goes into microsoft word and not here. So when it comes to blogging I am looking for a tribe. Looking for community and support. These things come most naturally to me.

Tonight I will employ the technique of authentic stories to elucidate my point. Yes it has taken me a couple of years to finally narrate this incident out here.

A few years ago I was blogging daily as part of various international blogging challenges. Now under this challenge I was supposed to drop my link as part of a comment thread and read two blogs above me (some of the standard blogging rules in many groups). One of the blogs on this random day I read was of an Indian blogger. The blogger in question had attempted a 100 word short story and one thatΒ had clearly a poor grammar. I politely left a comment saying ‘Its magical’ (indicating the theme of her story) and left the blog.

But this was not to be. To my much surprise I found an update on Facebook. A decently senior blogger had ranted on Facebook in a lot of words that the way we promote mediocrity in blogging is getting out of hand. And how pathetic writing and grammar is being commented on as magical.

This was not it. She went on to ‘copy-paste’ the entire post of this blogger in question in her Facebook status. What followed was beyond my own imagination.

The post was mocked at, crucified in many ways. Much to the fun and entertainment of few.

I checked that the status was thankfully not public. Because honestly I gave a damn about her wanting to mock my comment. My heart went out to that blogger and God forbid she comes to know of this incident.

A lot happened post that but I didn’t speak a word. Because I hardly cared. What I did care about was the idea that this blogger could tomorrow know about this incident and poor woman would perhaps give up the idea of blogging. Yes I did cry. Not for myself but for that blogger alone.

Now I ask this question today, as a blogger what would you have done in this case? What does this story today evoke in you?Β 

A very new blogger has evoked this piece out of me. Seeya in her attempt to read a lot of us has been digging some archives of our writings and ensuring we all force ourselves down the memory lane. She recently also reminded me of my guest-post on Vidya’s blog as part of her theme Inspiring stories. In this I have written about my difficulties with English as a language given I grew up in a Hindi-speaking family.Β 

This post more so reminded me of this one odd ‘magical’ blogger and made me send out a silent prayer that the negativity of it all never quite got to her.

Also connecting this with Write Tribe’s #MondayMusings a community which clearly made me what I am today.

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