Yes. After three drafts backspaced. And a lot of thoughts shelved. We shall tonight create on this blog a…

Free Write! Sorry please scrap the exclamation mark. We are in no mood of this kind.

But what mood are we then?

That we should write more fiction.

Fiction. Before blogging, we were fiction activists. But alas no one remembers now.

How much is enough? No really. How much.

I have had a rather weird day today. Weird. Can we call it that? Oh yes.

We have no clue what we are doing. Who or what to believe. Faith is playing a pretty interesting ping pong game with our mind.

But maybe sanity or the right kind of medicines will save the day.

And we know, we promised no more free writes but we also promised no more smoking. No one just read that.

In case you did we meant, no more being smoking hot. Yes please believe that. For the world’s sake.

Anyways. A very close substitute to nicotine is a cup of tea. Chai. Having on right now.

It is already 12.10 so Monday is here. Please pause for effect.

190 words.

Obviously we are keeping track. We just cannot. No we cannot let the torture have no end. Even life isn’t that cruel you see.

We are only humans after all. Connected by fate, plagues, famines, ugly spouses umm probably not. But spouses yes?

Should I give up right now?



Too much negativity for one day. And this mosquito in my ear seems to be eager enough to narrate his own tale. Maybe my blood has that effect on people. They start blabbering. Too much information overload.

Okay now that was funny. It was. It made me smile. Through a yawn. Yes happy are the days when sleep comes in as an eager visitor.


What did you do? No, wrong question. You cannot speak until I am over with this. As in 500 words.

I was sitting today and thinking. Yes Sundays allow you the luxury of empty minds on certain weeks.

How much work is pending. Yes this is what I was thinking then, now and forever apparently!

No exclamation mark. We are not in that kind of mood. Didn’t I tell you?

Question mark is okay. That is our default mode.

From I to we. To perhaps they. My pronouns switch personalities in writing.Β 

Blame it on Tyler please.

If you didn’t get the last reference, you may leave right now. Cause YOU HAVE NOT SEEN FIGHT CLUB. Please just go.

In addition to question mark we are also always in CAPITAL ALPHABETS mode. But on twitter we are very polite. Smileys often hide the sarcasms pretty well.

I mean pretty I already am. And once this throat gets better, will be well also.

Okay this was a bad joke. Agreed.


We are close.

No, you and I are not close. I am not even close to my family, you are just a reader.

On second thoughts you do contribute to the page views of the blog.

Best friend!

*no exclamation mark*

Connecting it with Write Tribe’s #MondayMusings as always.


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