It is a brand new year! A brand new idea of life. And a brand new start.Β 

FiveΒ things I will follow this new year! Yes a simple, sweet handy post is being churned out here. One that can be referred to at the end of 365 366 days as the things we wished and procrastination took over πŸ˜€

1—–> #99DaysFitness will be followed to the tee! And this includes finishing a marathon by the year’s end.

*watch this space for more*

2—-> 50 Books reading challenge and HT Book Brunch Challenge! Yes stumbled upon it today *gasps surprised* and taken it as a to-do for the year!

3—-> Blog regularly. That’s it. No more sabbaticals.

*watch this space for more or nothing or whatever*

4—–> Blogchatter. Will take it to next level. Which is ironically connected to its own goal of ‘Taking your blog to next level’ πŸ™‚

5—–> Travel. Yes this is forever on the bucket list and henceΒ will be followed again!


Growing happily old is always on the list πŸ™‚

Connecting this with #WriteTribe’s #MondayMusings and #Blogchatter’s prompt ‘Ushering in a new year’ πŸ™‚

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