It is a brand new year! A brand new idea of life. And a brand new start. 

Five things I will follow this new year! Yes a simple, sweet handy post is being churned out here. One that can be referred to at the end of 365 366 days as the things we wished and procrastination took over 😀

1—–> #99DaysFitness will be followed to the tee! And this includes finishing a marathon by the year’s end.

*watch this space for more*

2—-> 50 Books reading challenge and HT Book Brunch Challenge! Yes stumbled upon it today *gasps surprised* and taken it as a to-do for the year!

3—-> Blog regularly. That’s it. No more sabbaticals.

*watch this space for more or nothing or whatever*

4—–> Blogchatter. Will take it to next level. Which is ironically connected to its own goal of ‘Taking your blog to next level’ 🙂

5—–> Travel. Yes this is forever on the bucket list and hence will be followed again!


Growing happily old is always on the list 🙂

Connecting this with #WriteTribe’s #MondayMusings and #Blogchatter’s prompt ‘Ushering in a new year’ 🙂

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