I am one of your sorrows,

And also a partner of tomorrow.

I was twelve when I wrote this. Name of the poem was ‘Memories’.

I happened to stumble upon one of my personal diaries from school. A series of laughs and tears flooded my head. The diary had been with me through the times when I had lost my mother. And hence the transition in my writing, expressions is almost synchronous with the events.

But what completely surprised me was that given this is now close to eighteen years to the present date, I haven’t really changed much.
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Stickler to routines and planning ahead. This one too has many of my Sundays planned down to last minute. For example:

6th July

  • Topic for General Knowledge studies- USA
  • Personality to study- Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Article to be written- Woes of being a teenager
  • Novel- Da Vinci Code
  • New thing in personality- Control anger, be more polite to people
  • Project-
  • Indulgence- Can go out either on Saturday or Sunday

I am still laughing re-reading this. Cause this is so me! I still do this. I will make random schedule notes in the middle of the day. And plan my weekend the most. Maybe because I know inside that a wasted holiday will pull me down the entire week.

Yeah, nerd. That’s just me!

But seriously again notice how I am even today doing similar things. Still making notes on being polite to people (and failing miserably!). Still forcing myself to go out and have fun and not be guilty about it. Even today I am a wiki addict on holidays. And reading up extensively on a personality or a country is so me!

Is this true then? Have we only re-discovered ourselves over the last few years to be nothing but extensions of our childhood? Is behavior like DNA perhaps not changeable after all?

I ask you tonight if you were to pin point a character in you which can be traced back to your childhood, what would it be?

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