Last few months have been crazy, to say the least. Running around, screaming and shouting at a malfunctioning laptop, a highly erratic schedule when it comes to life in general and almost everyday an alarm or a shout of concern from someone or the other online.

Maintaining sanity has been a tough task. I must admit.

But it has been sorted slightly better because we can always identify a simple pattern to things. What requires attention, who needs immediate ear and more importantly what input should flow back into the system.

Running a now ever growing blogging community, these patternsΒ are becoming increasingly critical in survivingΒ each day.

Communities run on intent.

Intent as a pattern speaks volumes. It shows when no words are mentioned. It screams when silence has a dead pan expression.

Intent and not intellect run communities.

A few days back I was speaking to someone on phone. And we were having a candid discussion over blogging groups/communities. An aspect of it was of course the idea to read each other regularly. The person on the other side had certain inhibitions. She felt that she often wonders how to read someone she does not even understand.

I took a pause and explained it through an example. Which I will recreate here for you.

Communities are like families. We decide to support someone as a family member not only because we believe in their idea but because we believe more in the bond we share. We may not understand why a certain cousin wants to start a car driving school portal but by the virtue of our emotion to see him grow, we support him.

And we do not misguide him. We are always offering supportive critique, getting our contacts to put in favors and spending endless four am calls to make things work for him.


Friends are always your first tryst with community πŸ™‚

Community is like family. You may not understand a blogpost but so much of a bloggers day depends on your single comment and share.

I recall when I had decided to start newsletters, I had the entire thirty WT members support me. Not only through subscriptions but also sharing. How many even supported the idea, I do not know. Because they never put this question out there. For them I was a tribe member and by virtue of it they had to support me.Β 

Result? I today have 1500 subscribers. And in addition faith that I will always have a tribe.

All of this cannot work or happen until the intent of a group is right. Why all of this fails to work in light of self-centered outlook or ulterior motives is because intent is not word specific. One always knows what is the emotion on the other side.

And I have seen it so many times. Groups do not work because only a few of them do not have the intent to make it so.

Blogging is so much like life. Insecurity, bad intent and vicious emotions never get hidden behind a blogpost. They get revealed always.

Tonight tell me if you were in a community, what would be your outlook towards it? Have you had a bad experience with groupies? I am all ears. I have the intent to listen to you tonight πŸ™‚

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