You know how much irritation and frustration must have hit me if I am forced into writing a post on my blog on a Tuesday. Which is not even far far related to my posting cycle.

But I have literally had enough.

When the so called Jat stir began in the name of demanding reservations, a very quiet whatsapp forward reached the family group. It simply said that since Pawan Kumar was an army martyr and a Jat we must provide reservations to the community as such.

The fact that it evoked almost an outburst of kinds from mostly all young ones in the group might be an understatement here. But it really got me going in my head.

Something I have been thinking for a while now.

We need to stop making army the clipboard of all our debates.

On an immediate basis.

You know it almost breaks my heart when I see the images of the coffins, the resolute family standing firm on their feet and perhaps broken inside and the grand salute doesn’t sound like music to anybody.

But snap this, suddenly I find people taking on the same issue with such fervor and connecting it with any growing debate in the country.

Perhaps tomorrow even farmer suicides will be shown in this light. Why are they dying if they have nothing to eat? Our soldiers are managing in negative 40 deg C and not complaining.

Enough. Again Enough.

Our army is our pride. Do not make it your scapegoat please.

And tell me how can anyone combat a person saying, ‘Army is national.’ And no offence to grieving ex commanders on screen but sir, how is it that you can fathom the idea that we do not understand what the tricolor means to you?

If you feel so bad that the tricolor is insulted by a bunch of students why didn’t you raise your voice when activists were JAILED for flying it in RSS headquarters 12 years ago?

See what I did just there? I did what so many of them do. Turn a debate into a comparison. 

Don’t react. I never meant the RSS jibe seriously. Or maybe I did.

I am running out of steam here already. Because it saps me to think logic is fast being replaced by all forms of jingoism in our country.

Losing our best men to outsiders and our sanity to inside ones. Please just stop colluding the two already.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

One last thing, a while back it trended on twitter ‘TricolourForUnity’ to that I want to humbly reply/

Tricolor is Unity.


Anyone wanting to guess who is Mr. India here as mentioned in the title of post? Anyone? Readers want to know!

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