Whenever you find yourself in the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect- Mark Twain

I am one of those rare rather unfortunate people who cannot put the blame on their parents. Because despite all conventional flows, my parents were dead against my choices. My run of the mill, safe options.

Science. Engineering.

I had the extremely unheard opportunity in this life to undergo a discussion where I had to convince my father why I was not talking humanities or commerce as a stream in class twelve.

And then further on why engineering and not an economics honors from a state university?

Questions I found funny then, hurtful now.

It was one of those rough college nights which see you standing in your balcony with a friend covered in a cloud of smoke, tears rolling down your eyes. Engulfed in a silence which sees no end.

Precisely in the next few puffs you happen to stumble upon an irony. An example that leads you into more darkness, yes. But helps you find some meaning.

Shekhar Suman Syndrome.

Yes history was being written when we both started to discover an idea. An idea that made us further depressed but helped us explain our stand many times over with little or no words.


Why Shekhar Suman who had the extreme chance to be Jay Leno of our times gave it all up for a mediocre acting career?

That’s it. This question came out of nowhere on that windy day in balcony and became a landmark moment for us.

What is Shekhar Suman Syndrome? 

It is a psychological disorder where against all rationale we quit the thing we love. We give up the idea we wholeheartedly excel in and go on a rampage of action plans decidedly not ours.

Basically be like Shekhar Suman. NOT.

Why am I speaking about this tonight?

Because I was fifteen and had enrolled in a news reading workshop with none other than Derek O’ Brien. And I remember him walking up to me and saying, ‘dare not take anything that doesn’t put you on a screen.

His words meant nothing to me then. Only the look of amazement he had while watching my video did.

A few days back when I took up Blogchatter classes workshop, I was scared. I was nervous. But the moment I was put in front of a set of people, I felt my most comfortable.

Hours later sitting at the airport I remembered. A conversation.

“Why exactly engineer?” my father had asked.

“Because it pays money,” I had replied, unabashedly.

Enough said.

Tell me tonight do you have Shekhar Suman syndrome? Have you also given up a dream for easy options? Removed your excellence for ease?



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